When Your Postpartum Clients Need to Talk About Politics


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Divya Kumar (she/her) shares about providing support to a group of new parents in the lead up and aftermath of the 2016 presidential election. After noticing that the group shared fears around raising children during a tumultuous political season, Divya created a space where the families could support each other with those concerns alongside asking for advice about bottles and naps. While holding space for those conversations, though, Divya felt her own vulnerabilities arise as a BIPOC, and learned how to show up for her clients while also showing up for herself.

Divya is a therapist based in unceded Massachusett land, in what is now known as Boston, MA. If you'd like to connect with Divya, you can follow her on Instagram at @bothbrownand_

Resources that Divya recommends to both parents and doulas are Postpartum Support International which you can access at postpartum.net, and the Perinatal Mental Health Alliance for People of Color which you can learn more about at pmhapoc.org

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