Episode #126 - A Grouping Of Visually Impaired Rodents - Ranking The Other Songs


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It’s 2023 which means another awesome year of your 35th favourite James Bond podcast as we come together (sort of) to rank all the other songs of the Bond franchise that we love, hate and everything else in between! Why isn’t Colin on here yet he can still rank? Why is Lani Hall reaching around so much? Do we like Colin’s random rankings that we haven’t talked about before? What epic Bond fact do we find out that will blow your mind? How much Madonna can be talked about? Why do we want Timothy Dalton singing these songs? Which versions of these songs would need to be changed in 2023? Why are we sad that Belinda Carlisle isn’t on this list? Which songs can Ben not listen to when doing certain activities? And why is Noah singing karaoke again? It’s another interesting and fun one you won’t want to miss!

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