A Year in Quarantine - Dopefiend Quarantined 023


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On the first episode of Dopefiend Quarantined's second season, the Dopefiend and DopeTribe are back one year after the world went into lockdown and reconnect on how their lives have changed in the past twelve months, with input from Scottobaggins and Green Lady, Son of Gonzo, the Gremlin of Ganja, Hudsonrulez, Teenage Pie and Mrs Mole discussing the UK medical cannabis scene, Aquaponics, the perils of home schooling, the depressing life of musicians and performers this past year, the therapeutic benefits of horticulture and home gardening, the new Tafée Bowle vaporizer and what makes it so unique, TeenagePie's new TikTok habit, lucid dreaming and dream interpretation, encounters with US customs, the chances of full legalization in the USA and the political climate in general, social media's impact on politics and how science fiction is becoming reality. Finally we close with a song from Son of Gonzo.

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