Ep. #25 Don't Freak! It's The Genius Of Afshin Beheshti.


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It's not very often you come across someone who has been actively producing music for 20+ years while breaking ground as a Cancer Research Scientist. He's got a new promising treatment as well as a few new Indie/Math Rock albums. Sit back as we listen to some tracks and catch up with his doings…

Track Listings:

1. Welcome To My Wonderful Show/The Afrosheens

2. All God’s Children/Medical Maps

3. The Shade Forever Again /The Afrosheens

4. The Song That Minneapolis Wrote/The Afrosheens

5. Sun/Divided Body

6. Two Pit Bulls Dragging a Bitch To The Wizard /Ancient Brain

7.Water/Shore Leave

8. People On The Bus Are So So Sexy/Tater Haters

9. Favor/Arcwelder

10. Semi-Pseudo-Sort-Of Plan/Mission Of Burma

11. Empire Of The Dead/Cream Abdul Babar

12. Heart-Histories Of The White Daughters/Precious Gems

13. I Am A Scientist/ Guided By Voices

Links and information for Afshin’s projects:

The Afrosheens: https://theafrosheens.bandcamp.com https://www.facebook.com/TheAfrosheens/ https://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/TheAfrosheens

Medical Maps: https://www.facebook.com/MedicalMaps

Tater Haters: https://taterhaters.bandcamp.com/https://www.facebook.com/TaterHaters

Shore Leave: https://www.facebook.com/shoreleave/

Link to Afshin's linkedin page for details on my work and CV:


Show on March 12th at Midway Café in Jamaica Plain, MA

http://www.midwaycafe.com/and show info: http://midwaycafe.com/our/details?id=102060

Other bands involved in the show:

Fur Purse (https://www.facebook.com/FurPursetheband/)

E (http://abandcallede.com/index.html) Geoglyphs (https://geoglyphs.bandcamp.com/)

Show info:

Don't Freak sites: Dontfreak.tumblr.com, DF Facebook page

Host: Adriaan Mol

Contact: dontfreakzine@gmail.com

Donate: Paypal (dontfreakzine@gmail.com)

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