Ep. #09 Don't Freak! Craig Chapman talks about Outback Zine/Records and new things!


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Let's head on over to Barnes and Noble for a cup of coffee with Craig Chapman from Outback Magazine and Outback Records. We'll listen to some of the hardcore punk rock and other bands from the label. While touching base on his newer efforts with music media company LX-Goods.com as well as TV Show/magazine Real Food Real Kitchens. It's a success story that formed from a lifetime of positive DIY ethics.

A PDF is in the app of issue #13 of Outback Magazine (1994) is included courtesy of The Digital Fanzine Preservation Society. It is also available here : http://archive.org/details/Outback13

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Music: Say No More (Restless 7") Lost, Cycle (The Fall of the Demi-God) Grey, Gas-O-lene (Elegy) Disgraced, Trial By Jury (Fortune Cookie) Fortune Cookie, The Maccabees (Call it in the Air Split/CD) Ghost With Hollow Eyes, Call It In The Air (The Maccabees Split/CD) Lockwood's Revenge, SWIMM (Feel EP) Souvenir

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