Dogman Encounters Episode 377 (The Werewolf Just Outside my Car’s Window!)


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Tonight’s guest, Vincent Martin, couldn’t sleep one night, in the summer of 1997, so he decided to go for a drive, out in the country, to a natural spring he knew about, in Kirtland, Ohio. He left home at around 10 PM that night, so by the time he decided to head home, after spending some time at the spring, it was pretty late. While he was driving home, after going a short distance from the spring, up ahead on the right side of the road, he saw a dark figure. A figure that he says was black as carbon. As he got closer to it, he saw that it looked like a crouching Werewolf. Making matters worse, his passenger window was down and it was so close to the side of the road, a passenger in his car could have been able to reach out and grabbed its muzzle. As Vince drove past it, at about 25 miles per hour, he was too terrified to swerve away from it. He was rattled to the core, but made it past the creature without any problems. Wanting to verify that his eyes weren’t playing tricks on him, though, he made a loop and decided to go back...
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