Doctor Kildare


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Doctor Kildare radio show was one of the more popular medical drama serializations on old time radio. The story revolved around the life of James Kildare, from his struggles as an intern until he became a full-fledged doctor as well as the many intrigues and politics in the medical field. In 1949, MGM recruited Lew Ayres (Dr. Kildare) and Lionel Barrymore (Dr. Gillespie) to record the series. It was first aired on WMGM New York station from February 1, 1950 until August 3, 1951. Over the run of the series, several radio veterans starred in this old radio show. One of which was renowned actor Ted Osborne (Dr. Carough), who portrayed the hospital’s chief administrator and a constant thorn in Dr. Kildare’s side

60 episodes