45. Switching to Zone Defense ft. Josh Simmons


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Well Dads, it’s official. My wife and I are totally outnumbered. We have more kids than adults living in my house, which will be the most significant adjustment since we brought our first child home.
So I brought in an expert for us to learn from. Josh Simmons is a successful tech entrepreneur who was once my youth minister. He and his wife are on the journey of raising five children together and until their oldest just left to start college, were living with THREE teenagers in their home!!
He was generous with his time and gave some great advice.
1) Transitioning your parenting when you have more kids than parents
2) Making time for one on ones with each child and your wife (which might be most important)
3) Enjoying the season of life with teenagers
4) Thriving with life in a big family.
I’m so grateful to Josh for his time and his wisdom. I know you will get a lot from this conversation.
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