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Episode 25: Kelly Ann Prosser
8 year old Kelly Ann Prosser set out to walk home from school on September 20th, 1982 in Columbus, Ohio. She never made it home. Her little body was found less than 48 hours later in a cornfield. She had been sexually assaulted and strangled. A very strong suspect was named, and then ruled out. Over the decades police heard of several confessions and investigated persons of interest, but they never came close to catching Kelly’s killer. A 2014 CrimeStoppers tip naming him got his name close, but not close enough for investigators to identify him. Finally forensic genealogy tracked him down. He was dead, but once police learned his name, they were not surprised. Harold Warren Jarrell had a history of sex crimes against children, and left a lengthy record of violent crimes in his wake.
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What do all these tragic cases have in common?
They are all cold cases solved, after decades of frustration and futility, by forensic genealogy. I’m Jess Bettencourt, and in Season 2 of DNA: ID, I’ll bring you 24 more fascinating cases in which the killer eluded generations of investigators, until science and some crafty genealogists cracked them at long last. Listen to DNA: ID on your favorite podcast platform. New episodes drop every other Monday, starting January 10th, 2022.
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