New York, NY: What Will Normal Even Look Like? (Guest: Marisa Miller Wolfson)


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Marisa Miller Wolfson is a New York-based filmmaker, author and mom. She produced the hit Netflix documentary, Vegucated which nearly convinced the host of this podcast to turn vegan years ago. As a storyteller, Marissa has a unique perspective on how the pandemic is unfolding in New York.

Marisa sets the stage by offering a picture of what New York in April of 2020 currently looks like after the pandemic. Empty streets, empty shops, empty roads and the sound of sirens late at night. Marisa talks about how she and her family reacted to COVID and what measures they are taking to be safer during this time.

We talk about what a return to normalcy would even look like for the city that never sleeps. Will businesses survive? Will it ever be as vibrant? We explore that, and much more. Including the stark realization that some restaurants are just 'disappearing' online.

We discuss veganism during the time of the pandemic - Marisa is one of the foremost vegans on the planet. We talk about climate change, and other second order affects of coronavirus that may end up being positive.

We talk about being in a relative position of privilege during the crisis and how that shapes our view of things. You'll enjoy this episode with the very charismatic Marisa Miller Wolfson.

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