Miami, FL: What Is Going on with the Stock Market?


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Rohan Rangaraj is a Miami-based investment professional. Rohan started his career at Cascade Investments LLC, which is an investment holding company controlled by Bill Gates and managed by various investment professionals. He also started his own hedge fund. I ask Rohan - what the hell is going on with the stock market?

Rohan is currently based in Miami, where he sets the scene of how things are in the Brickell neighborhood of the city. We talk about the notorious videos circulated during Spring Break in Florida, and what the mentality of people is right now in the Miami area. Rohan provides some of his own personal views of when he thinks things will end, and potentially get (somewhat) back to normal.

We spend most of the episode talking about what is going on with the economy and the stock market. Are you curious what negative interest rates are and how they arise? We talk about that, the misnomer of stimulus and what the government is doing right now to preserve the economy. You will walk away way smarter from this episode. Enjoy!

*Nothing in this episode should be construed as financial advice of any sort. Invest in the stock market, or anywhere else for that matter, at your own risk.

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