Boston, MA: What do the Most Severe COVID Patients Experience? (Guest, Alex Sheng, MD)


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Alex Sheng is an ER Doc at Boston Medical Center, the busiest ER in New England, and the 8th busiest ER in the country. Alex is really, truly at the frontlines of the COVID crisis - I asked Alex about what he's seeing with patients, and what he's experiencing in Boston.

Alex and his wife both work in healthcare - his wife is at a hospice care center. We talk about the extensive precautions they take to do their every day jobs, and the support they provide each other to sustain.

Alex and I talk about the Coronavirus, and what COVID does in the most severe circumstances. We talk about what it actually means to be intubated and the dramatic steps doctors take in the most drastic circumstances.

I ask Alex about Boston, and how the city is responding to the crisis. What are residents doing to flatten the curve? I ask Alex when he thinks we will realistically be able to attend a game at Fenway Park again.

Please don't miss this episode of distanced - featuring one of our frontline heroes.

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