On Becoming Anti-Racist with Carla Beharry


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"Humanity for white folks is deeply tied up in this work as well, so it's impossible to live in a world with as much injustice and think that you will be unaffected by it" - Carla Beharry
In this episode, I speak with mixed race, writer, antiracism consultant, speaker, and mental health advocate Carla Beharry. This is a conversation about racism for white people. We talk about being white and the implicit and explicit harm it has caused for generations. We talk about racial justice. We talk about racial trauma. We talk about the various ways we can teach our children about racism and how to start the process of dismantling it.

This is an important conversation, friends. This is a conversation about uprooting racism that is so embedded in our culture that it's most of the time, invisible.

As Carla says in our conversation “it’s impossible to live in a world with as much injustice and think that you will be unaffected by it” For us to truly walk a life rich with meaning and purpose, we must look at the ugly parts of humanity in the eye, especially those we are blind to, and have a willingness to acknowledge it, to be with the uncomfortableness of it. Then we begin to disrupt it. Then healing can happen as the healing is a key piece to us ALL bringing our beauty and gifts to this world.
In this episode, we talk about:
Racism -
what do we really mean when we say ‘all white skinned people are racist’.
Silence - how white progressives are causing the most harm to the racial justice movement by saying nothing at all.
Parenting - how can we as parents start teaching our children, even the youngest of them, about racism, and their role in it, in a healthy and non-demoralizing way.
Discomfort - how so many white people choose not to speak out in fear of making a mistake or saying the wrong thing. We talk about how to navigate this.
Being An Advocate - what does being an advocate for the racial justice movement look like and how to engage in it in the everyday.
and our own personal journey navigating racism.
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About Carla Beharry
Carla Beharry is a mixed-race, Guyanese-British-Canadian, and works as relationship coach for racialized individuals and intercultural and multi-ethnic families. She is an Antiracism Consultant, writer, speaker, and mental health advocate. She specializes in health & education equity and works with wellness professionals and educators to build antiracist and equitable healthcare practices and educational opportunities for under-served racialized individuals who have been historically excluded from health and wellness spaces.

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