Top 5 Questionable Disney Decisions In 2021


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Top 5 Questionable Disney Decisions In 2021
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Top 5 Questionable Disney Decisions In 2021 Chapters
00:00 - Greetings Fellow Citizens of Disneyland
01:21 - Questionable Disney Decision 01
05:45 - Questionable Disney Decision 02
10:39 - Questionable Disney Decision 03
17:24 - Questionable Disney Decision 04
27:23 - Questionable Disney Decision 05
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On today’s episode we explore the problem with Disney right now and break down some of the most question Disney decisions made in 2021. Now we are are not excited about the failure of Disneyland. We are always wanting Disney to win and not fail. The downfall of Disney brings us no joy, but in the last year Disney made some very questionable decisions that we wanted to explore. Is this the Fall of Disney or simply some missteps out of the 2020 global pandemic. Is the Disney Leadership Facing Creative Bankruptcy? Will Disney Fail? Or hopefully bounce back?

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