Women in Ministry, Theology from Story, and Hearing Jesus Call Your Name – A Conversation with Cheryl Russell & Tiffany Dahlman


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When it comes to women in ministry, two prohibitive New Testament passages unfortunately provide all the clarity and certainty some people need. However, Cheryl Russell and Tiffany Dahlman suggest a different approach—moving from pattern to story. We do this by opening the Bible wide, tapping into its full wisdom, and developing a theology from the stories throughout its pages about women living, working, and interacting with the mission of God.

Tiffany Dalhman is the lead minister for Courtyard Church of Christ in Fayetteville, NC. You can contact her at courtyardcoc@gmail.com.

Cheryl Russell is Pastor of New Heritage Fellowship in Fairview, TX. You can contact here at www.newheritagefamily.com and New Heritage Fellowship | Facebook.

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