12 Bar Blues and Reading Scripture as Participants in the Mission of God – A Conversation with Rex Butts


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In this episode, Jeremy and Steven talk with Rex Butts about his new book Gospel Portraits: Reading Scripture as Participants in the Mission of God. Leaning into guitar playing interests, Rex likens our interaction with the story of the Bible to that of members of a blues band. Knowing the key and tempo of the song and following the structure of 12 bar blues, the improvisation of these musicians brings the song to life. For Rex, this serves as a model of how we can live out the story in a way that is faithful to the good news of Jesus Christ and the kingdom of God but in a way that is contextualized for the local community in which we live.

Rex is the lead minister with the Newark Church of Christ in Newark, DE. Gospel Portraits is out now wherever you get your books. Connect with Rex via his Facebook author page or email him at krexbutts@newarkchurch.com. Rex also writes for and manages the Mission Alive blog, Missional Church Planting.

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