Reconstruct or Don't


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This week we talk about deconstruction...again. With the word in the forefront of many evangelical conversations, we decided to discuss how we view deconstruction, what it looked like for us, and some of the narratives evangelicalism is currently trying to force onto it. We also bring Baptist Pastor Stewart-Allen Clark’s misogynist ass to Hell Court and hear stories from the Bad Apples. Brought to you by literally anything other than #Revangelical. Don’t do it, Adrian’s stomach is sensitive. "Why REvangelical is Not Deconstruction" Straight White American Jesus "Is Deconstruction Bad" The Liturgists ‘Progressive’ Christianity: Even Shallower Than the Evangelical Faith I Left Caitlin J. Stout's Tweet "Alisa Childers Doesn't Get Progressive Christianity" God is Grey "Let's Talk about Reconstruction (and why it's deeply problematic)" Phil Drysdale

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