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I'm sure you're aware that finding Affordable Healthcare Benefits, or Insurance, for yourself and/or Employees is Expensive, SUPER Confusing with Deductibles, Co-Pays, Co-Insurance, etc…, & Coverage that just SUCKS and doesn’t seem to cover anything that you need it for! Whether you’re looking to create a Strategy for RECRUITING & RETAINING Top Talent, or looking to Augment or Spice up your Benefits offering, I’m pretty sure your business relies on creating a culture of Happy & Healthy employees, and employees not calling out sick or wasting half a day at the doctor’s office for something simple….. And guess what, that is why Direct Primary Care Benefits Podcast exists!!!

DPC Benefits Podcast is your WEEKLY RESOURCE
to understanding the Direct Care Model. Learn how DPC and the Direct Care model is Fixing Healthcare for Employers & Individuals alike, while hearing from Business Executives, Brokers, Physicians, & Healthcare Influencers that are in the trenches changing the way Employee Benefits are being administered across the country. I’m Your Host, Brett Shoemaker

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