Retargeting by the Numbers with Todd Lebo of Ascend2 and Guest Expert Adam Lapp


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Research is the key to improving your marketing strategies, building campaigns, and learning about your customers… as well as solving all your business problems, big and small! In this episode of Digital Marketing Swipe File, Todd Lebo, Eric Stockton, and Adam Lapp discuss the findings of their research on B2B retargeting in 2021. You’ll learn what you can do to improve your retargeting strategies, such as creating education opportunities for B2B marketers, using testing to learn more about your customers, creating ad messaging that incentivizes your audience to click through, capturing demand with performance marketing, using AI, and much more!
Plus, Eric shares the top 5 challenges marketers are facing in terms of retargeting and how to overcome those challenges.
Note: This research was geared towards B2B marketers and retargeters that have a budget of at least $2k/month for retargeting.
“You just need to have a place to go to be able to get advice and get help and… talk to somebody who’s been doing it and has been in your shoes before.”- Adam
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About Todd Lebo, Partner & CMO, Ascend2:
Todd uses the power of original research to discover what works in marketing and helps marketers apply those findings to marketing programs. He helped develop the Ascend2 Research-Based Marketing methodology, which is used by marketing Technology firms and agencies to drive demand to their products and services.
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About Eric Stockton, General Manager, SharpSpring Ads:
A pioneer and innovator in the areas of internet marketing, eCommerce, lead generation, publishing, and online media. Eric has directly led $3MM+ ad budgets and $70M+ top-lin sales organizations.
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About Adam Lapp, Senior Analyst, SharpSpring Ads:
A highly objective, strategic thought leader with 15+ years’ experience leading B2B and B2C marketing, demand gen, digital strategy, and web optimization operations for small & medium-sized businesses and enterprise corporations, both brand-side & client-side.
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