Should I Utilize YouTube to Grow My Podcast and If So How? 


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Episode 20

Should I Utilize YouTube to Grow My Podcast and If So How?

Get ready for our fantastic interview today as we discuss the potential benefits of promoting your podcast on YouTube. Listen in for tips and advice on getting started on YouTube and how to best utilize the platform if you’re a podcast producer.

Rise Beyond Recovery with Tamar Medford

Tamar is a Neuro Change Method Master Practitioner who overcame more than 20 years of addiction and is now building a foundation for recovery. She’s an author and host of the “Road Beyond Recovery Podcast,” with an upcoming virtual summit designed to bring together speakers with a desire to help others in their recovery. The summit is April 4th to 8th, and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Touched By Addiction nonprofit.

Should I Use YouTube to Promote My Podcast?

In short: yes. Lynn and Mark both agree that YouTube is a powerful tool for promoting your content and building a loyal following. YouTube is a powerful search engine, and videos are an excellent boost for SEO. Video is vastly popular across all platforms and offers the opportunity to provide a more engaging experience with an audience.

How to Promote a Podcast Through YouTube

As a general rule of thumb, 10 to 12-minute videos are the most successful YouTube. If you’re converting a podcast to a video, don’t just upload an audiogram. Include visual elements, such as a recording of the podcast or title slides and photos to illustrate your podcast audio.

If your podcast is on the longer side, consider doing a 10 to 12-minute recap of your episode or an extension that goes further into depth on each topic. This not only creates even more original content but allows you to encourage people to find your full podcast to learn more once they’re interested. Lynn and Mark also recommend embedding a YouTube video into a blog, if you have one, as that will generate even more traffic on your brand’s website.

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