Making Sense of Social Media Data


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Digital Marketing Hotseat Podcast

Season 01 Episode 25

Making Sense of Social Media Data

Many of us know we need to be on social media, but did you know that there is data from your social media accounts that you can use to create more focused and targeted social posts to get more traction on your platform? Tune in to find out how focusing on the data in your business, specifically the marketing data both on social media and website data, can work to your advantage when posting your social media posts.

Social Media Stats For Your Small Business

We will delve into social media stats to help you understand how they look, why we look at them, and what those stats mean. We will look at the metrics and make sense of the data that the social media platforms provide.

Many business owners find themselves in a situation where they will put out content haphazardly and hope they get followers, engagements, and likes. Small business owners get a little frazzled because there are so many options and social media choices that they can dig into with your social media. We will shed light on what you want to look at when you check out your stats.

Digital Marketing Metrics and Stats to Utilize for Your Small Business

There are a few reasons why data is essential for your social media campaigns. Mark will explain how data helps utilize your time, money, and energy more efficiently. Also, how using your social media data can help you stand out. Finally, you can gain insights into your social media postings using your stats to guide your digital marketing plan. A few social media platforms have statistics, and we're going to dive into what types of statistics they have.

Facebook and Instagram have different stats, even though they are both owned by social media platforms. So why would the same post do well on Instagram and not on Facebook? We will share insight on whether posting daily will get you better statistics and how the algorithms have advanced and evolved, including how to evolve with the algorithm and use statistics and data to improve your social media.

How Social Media Tools Help Your Small Business

The audience section of your Facebook statistics shows how many people on each platform are following you or your business. In addition, this section also gives you information on the age, gender breakdown, and cities that your followers live in. We will see how vital this information is and how this data will inform what you post on social media. Lastly, we will also look at insights, which go deeper into specific data such as impressions and interactions.

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