How To Create Your Ideal Client Profile


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Digital Marketing Hotseat Podcast

Season 01 Episode 23

How To Create Your Ideal Client Profile

When you are planning your marketing, you’ll want to know who you’re speaking to so you can clearly target the correct avatar for your business. This week we revisit the conversation from last week’s episode and dive into how to create your ideal client profile. So listen in for this one-on-one digital marketing 101 episode to find out how you can make and find out your ideal client profile to use for your own business.

Identifying Your Ideal Client Profile

According to Lynn and Mark, everything about your marketing should be founded on the audience it’s trying to reach. It’s easy to fall in love with your product or service, but it’s crucial to remember that without reaching the right audience, that product or service will never succeed.

From there, Mark recommends looking into past client history to determine who your ideal client is. Next, list out what customers you genuinely enjoy working with and why. By diving deeper into their passions, interests, and demographics, you gain a clearer picture of how to write an ad attracting that type of person.

Marketing with Your Ideal Client Profile

After you’ve determined your ideal audience, Lynn says that the key is to learn how to connect with them. Your marketing default may be to advertise the unique features you offer, but we as customers don’t buy ‘features,’ we buy the benefits that feature brings. Finding the emotional hook will lead to a more prosperous digital marketing campaign.

If you don’t have a long history of clients to look at, Mark’s advice is to create your own ideal client. Start with yourself or someone you know who likes your product and build out from there. With a familiar image in mind, it will become easier to attract the people who are the right fit for your business.

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