How Do I Choose a Name for My New Travel Podcast?


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Digital Marketing Hotseat Podcast

Episode 011

How Should I Choose a Name for My New Travel Podcast?

Check in to the Digital Marketing Hotseat Podcast this week as Lynn and Mark explain how to choose a name for your podcast. Listen in to find out how to pick a title and tagline for your podcast and optimize them for your target audience.

Meet Robin Cline

This week's guest is Robin Cline. Robin is a luxury travel consultant looking to start a podcast; she is the founder and owner of Cline & Co. Travel Consulting, a luxury travel company that curates extraordinary luxury and expedition travel experiences for discerning travelers.

Choosing a name for your podcast

Starting a podcast is an excellent way to market and grow your small business. Ideally, podcasts are used by businesses that aren't constrained by geographical barriers. Podcasts are a great relationship-building tool and are an excellent way to have uninterrupted one-on-one conversations with your audience without the oversaturation of information that you can find on other mediums like social media. However, to ensure that your podcast appeals to your target audience, it's essential to craft the perfect title and tagline.

A podcast title is the name of your podcast; it is what listeners will look up in search engines or podcasting platforms. Choosing the right name for your podcast ensures that you communicate what your business offers and that the right people will find and engage with your business.

A tagline or a by-line is a short, concise sentence that fully encapsulates what your business is all about and the services or products it offers. After reading a well-written tagline, your target listener should know that your podcast is targeted towards them and will be a great resource. In addition, it should reflect why they should choose your business over your competitor's.

This episode spells out how to choose the right name for your podcast and formulate the perfect by-line. It goes in-depth into the different ways you can conduct research and the advantages of audience research to your overall marketing strategy. By knowing your audience and crafting language around this, marketing your business becomes much more straightforward!

Choosing the right name and by-line for your business is crucial because it can differ between being memorable or fading into the background. In the age of information overload, being memorable can ensure massive growth for your small business.

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