Facebook and Instagram Ad Buys with Mark Thackeray


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Digital Marketing Hotseat Podcast

Episode 002

Facebook and Instagram Ad Buys with Mark Thackeray

Digital Marketing Hotseat Podcast hosts Lynn Smargis, and Mark Thackeray are digital marketing experts, showcasing small business owners’ digital marketing questions. In each episode, we feature a small business owner’s burning digital marketing question as they put us in the hotseat for the answer. So tune in to find out what question we will be answering next, and contact us on our website to become a guest and put us in the hotseat!

Mark first jumped into Facebook Ads back in 2010 and used them to grow his photography business from a local market to a national market, with clients flying him around the country for events. Since then, Mark has helped dozens of local companies to grow their client base through Facebook Ads.

If you’re looking to do less work finding clients and more work on your business, make sure to schedule a 20-minute strategy call with Mark so you and he can deep dive into your business to find out where you are and how he can get your business to where you’d like to be on the internet.

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