“We Could Completely Flip this Around”: A Conversational Designer Talks About Improving the COVID Vaccine Process


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As we recorded this episode, the healthcare industry is in the midst of a struggle to administer the hundreds of millions of vaccinations necessary to contain the COVID-19 virus. One of the problems is the continued reliance on outdated administrative and communication approaches — paper, phone calls, e-mail — which become bottlenecks in the race to achieve the levels of scale and speed that are required.

Jenn Masamitsu, a physical therapist and a conversational technology designer, was recently vaccinated and experienced the process first hand, which got her thinking about better ways. Jenn sat down with us to share her ideas about how modern, mobile technology is an ideal solution for an operation of this magnitude. Conversational technology uses natural language to lower barriers and deliver outcomes, which is precisely what’s needed if we are going to administer the 450 million vaccinations required to achieve herd immunity.

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