In an Era of Tight Labor Capacity and High Demand, Digital Workers are the Path Forward


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The most lasting impact to the COVID-19 pandemic is likely to be the healthcare labor shortage that shows no signs abating. Hundreds of thousands of workers have left the field, and it’s not just doctors and nurses. Nearly one third of healthcare spending is in the administrative domain and that sector has seen massive reductions in the support staff that typically help patients navigate the complexities associated with getting healthcare.

The labor shortage also isn’t just impacting healthcare providers. The life sciences industry is also experiencing challenges in staffing clinical research projects, or supporting patients that have complex therapy programs. In this episode, Justin Mardjuki and Greg Kefer discuss the ongoing challenge of staffing and how technology can play a role in replacing lost human capacity with automated digital outreach. By automating work that is typically scripted, repetitive, and high volume, advanced conversational tools also help patients on their journeys, keep them engaged, and improve outcomes.

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