Susan Criss | Presiding Judge in Robert Durst's 2003 Trial


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Picture it: you’re at a formal dinner and get seated among strangers. Everyone goes around and shares their name and where they’re from. One table mate says “I’m Susan, I’m from Galveston.” You can’t help but say “Galveston? I can’t hear that without thinking of Robert Durst.” People laugh knowingly. Did I mention the dinner was at CrimeCon? Aforementioned table mate says “I was the judge who presided over Bob Durst’s trial in 2003, for the murder of Morris Black.”
Friends, when I say my jaw dropped I need you to believe me! So this story is true and you can bet that I made good on my promise to contact Susan after CrimeCon to have her on the podcast.
Today’s guest is my dinner mate, Susan Criss. Former prosecutor, then judge, now criminal defense attorney. In addition to spilling some Durst tea, she also talks about her unique vantage point given her experience playing every role in a courtroom. Color me ECSTATIC.
Susan Criss is a true crime enthusiast just like us. In fact, she is working on a book and went to CrimeCon for market research. I think I gave her more than she bargained for. Life is full of surprises. Please enjoy this episode.
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