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Do you think it’s easier or harder to be a spy today, compared to the Cold War and otherpoints in history? Robert Hanssen managed to operate as a double agent while employed by the FBI, who sold our secrets to Russia, for two decades between 1979-2001.
We are moving into a new series - one listeners always love: new titles in the true crime historical crime categories. These books are just hitting the market and these conversations will give you unique access to the author’s journey to writing the story and their POV on the crimes at hand.
Today’s featured author is Lis Wiehl. There’s a chance you have already read one of her books, after all, she’s written twenty! In addition to being a NY Times bestselling author, Lis is also a third generation federal prosecutor, and regular commentator and legal analyst on news outlets like Fox, CNN, NBC, and radio shows like NPR’s All Things Considered.
So back to the original question: is it easier to be a spy today? Yes and no. Listen in for the surprising answer, and why it’s so important to Lis to tell historical stories that have current implications. If you think Hanssen’s story stands alone in history unrelated to what is happening in Russia and the Ukraine today, think again.
Lis’s new book, A Spy in Plain Sight, launches in May but is available for pre-order now! It is a captivating page turner and does not read like a history textbook, though you will no doubt learn a lot.
Pre-order A Spy in Plain Sight here.
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