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On Season 1 Episode 17 of Dialégomai: The PĒØPŁËŠ Conversation, hosts Travis and Kyra Gold return from a 2 week break for an edifying and faith-building conversation on praise.

Kicking things off by giving us the biblical definition of praise, they remind us of the importance of praise and our biblical mandate to praise the Lord in all things because “great is the Lord and most worthy of praise.”

Exegetically unpacking what Scripture teaches us about praise, they delve into praise as a response to His great love towards us and His faithfulness that endures forever.

They teach that praise is through Jesus, should be continual, is an offering to God, is a sacrifice and is the fruit of lips who openly profess His Name. Unpacking how praise purges our pride and kills our flesh as we lift up His Name.

They discuss how our praise of God springs forth from finding satisfaction in Jesus and enjoyment in our Father. Stating that our priority as the church should be to have hearts that marvel at the grace of God, minds shaped by the truth of God, vision and desires tethered to the glory of God, rest, as a people, founded on the sovereignty and character of God and hope rooted on the promises of God in Jesus.

They end on a biblical note of encouragement that God is our highest good and we can dance in the victory He has purchased for His glory and our good in Christ Jesus!

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