Far From The Shallow Now: Recapping “Back To School” (Chapter 82)


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Now that our (former) teen heroes of Riverdale are settled back into their lives in the (former) Town With Pep, the show’s fifth season begins to set the table for the mysteries to come. There are skeevy truckers, estranged husbands, mothmen aliens, a conniving school secretary, and so much more in the latest episode, “Back To School,” and our recap podcast Dial M For Maple is here to unspool each plot thread. Hosts Marah and Cameron share their suspicions about Cheryl’s new art forgery gig, wonder what made Veronica fall for the greasy Chad Gekko in the first place, and sing the praises of Hiram’s gorgeous bag of Doritos. And then, in an extra juicy edition of The Blue & Gold, we gab about Skeet Ulrich and Lucy Hale’s apparent May-December romance, and pour through KJ Apa’s intriguing interview with his Songbird costar Demi Moore.

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