DGR 126 Master your MPC Pitch (Most Placeable Candidate)


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MPC - most placeable candidate - was a term I heard once I started DG Recruit, my recruitment firm only services top-billers or up and coming billers.

But this was something that I mastered.

In my world, we called this the "candidate sell-in".

I used this exclusively to drive client engagement and sign-on new accounts.

This is the ONLY thing that works to get clients signed up. There is no point to reinvent the wheel or to try something new. This is it, day in and day out.

Nail your MPC pitch, nail the client, nail the role. Heck, you'll probably set yourself up to get retained on it too while you're at it.

Here are the top things to do to master the MPC process & how to get new accounts signed up.

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