DGR 118 The Modern Agency Recruiter Playbook


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This one is a good one. Instead of operating on dinosaur recruitment tactics, here are SIX tips on what MODERN agency recruiters are doing.

Recruiting has changed a LOT even since when I started not so long ago in 2011. Now, it's EVEN more volatile, innovative, and ripe for disruption IF you know how to play the game.

Recruiters fall into two camps: one who follows the traditional methods of recruiting like cold-calling and outreach versus those who add in marketing and utilizing the internet to sell for them.

There is a balance of having BOTH - one hand washes the other and increases your market share.

Today's modern agency recruiter abides by a different and 2.0 recruitment playbook. Listen to the whole ep to get all the ideas downloaded so you can leverage it to make yourself FAMOUS in your space!

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