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What a blast to be joined by singer, songwriter, musician Debsey Wykes on this episode of The Paul Weller Fan Podcast. In 1978, she formed the British post-punk pop-band Dolly Mixture with guitarist, Rachel Bor and drummer, Hester Smith. We'll hear about their journey from complete amateurs to John Peel sessions, to supporting The Jam in the Summer of 1980 and signing to Paul Weller's Respond Record label... They were part of the initial label line up with The Rimshots , The Questions and Tracie! Whilst on the label, they released two singles, Been Teen in 1981 and Everything and More in 1982 - both produced by Captain Sensible and Paul Gray from The Damned... We also hear how, in 1982, something rather odd happened as Captain Sensible unexpectedly had a huge summer feelgood hit with a cover of the South Pacific song, Happy Talk - which featured Dolly Mixture on backing vocals. Find more information , including a playlist of the music that we talked about at paulwellerfanpodcast.com/episode-96-debsey-wykes

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