EP81 - Roger Nowell - Head Roadie / Guitar Tech... ”I don’t need a ship to sail in stormy weather...”


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My latest guest is Roger Nowell, Head Roadie / Guitar Tech for Paul Weller, a man who has been part of the crew since 1999.

We talk about The Jam, playing with Paul on record, and travelling all over the world looking after his guitars and those live performances.

Incredibly, I joined Roger at Paul Weller HQ - Black Barn Studio in Surrey - at the end of their 2021 tour - a tour that came to an early close, due to Covid, back in December 2021.

You can also hear Roger in his own band Skeletal Family, who were one of the most influential groups of the eighties Gothic era, with a worldwide fan base spanning all ages and on Paul Weller releases playing Synth Bass on the WUTN track Andromeda and Bass on Sonik Kicks track Around the Lake.

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