EP73 - Camelle Hinds - Honorary Councillor + Paul Weller Solo - ”Dry your eyes, they will call, sure is sure, we’ll be one...”


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My latest podcast guest - Camelle Hinds was an Honorary Councillor from January 1985 - playing bass in The Style Council band on tour and on the LPs from Our Favourite Shop through to the final rejected Modernism LP.

We'll hear about special memories of that time - including Live Aid and the famous 3 nights at Wembley, with a 15 piece string section, that was captured on film for the Showbiz video. When Paul Weller returned as a solo artist, Camelle joined the live band - and also contributed to a couple of songs on the first LP with credits on Round & Round and Kosmos (Backing Vocals). He also played on the recording of All Year Round (Live) which was the B-Side to Above the Clouds.

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