102. Inspiring Story -- Jenny Harmon


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How do you view your struggles and difficulties in life? Do you view them like an annoyance or something you have to go through? Or do you view them as a way to grow deeper in your faith? Or can we take it one step further – do you view your difficulties and struggles as a way to reflect God’s glory? These are hard questions, but they are good ones to ponder.

I am so excited to have Jenny Harmon on the podcast this week. She was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis almost 19 years ago and she is going to take us through her journey. This month, September, is National Pain Awareness month and I know many like Jenny are experiencing chronic pain. I just love the perspective and wisdom that Jenny shares this episode. I know it offered me so much hope. If you are walking through something difficult, I know her words will encourage you too!

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Jenny has been married to her husband for 27 years and is the mother of 3 grown children and a Grammy to one. Since the moment Jenny put her faith in Christ at 20 years old, she has been passionately pursuing the Lord. She spent 10 years serving on staff at her church, working in Children's Ministry, Care Ministry and Married Life. Due to her health challenges she transitioned to full-time disability a year ago. In spite of this recent change, she continues to serve at the Church as a Women's Bible Study leader, Co-leads a small group with her husband, and is currently training to become a Biblical Counselor. You can connect with Jenny on Instagram.

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