100. Celebrating 100 Episodes -- Favorite Highlights (Part 1)


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Are you ready to celebrate with me today as we release the 100th episode on the Depth Podcast? I cannot believe we are already at number 100!!

To celebrate 100 episodes, I thought it would be fun to take a trip down memory lane and share some of my favorite highlights over the last 100 episodes. Not only will you get to hear a little clip from the episodes, but you will get to hear a little back story that goes with it.

Just in case you hear a clip, and you want to listen to the full episode, I will include links to all the ones I highlight today in the show notes on my website.

Again, I am so excited to reminisce about some of the special moments as well as the divine appointments God had for me these last 2 years. Thank you for being a faithful listener, and I am excited to celebrate with you!

Favorite Episode

Episode 26: Rosser Family -- Family & Feelings

Divine Appointment:

Episode 53: Kathe Wunnenberg -- *Grieving the Child I Never Knew

Broken Clay Pot:

Episode 7: Suzie Eller -- *The Mended Heart

Episode 86: Katherine Wolf -- *Suffer Strong

Episode 29: Lysa TerKeurst -- *It's Not Supposed To Be This Way

Episode 1: Introduction Episode -- *Unglued

Relying on God's Strength

Episode 69: Mark Batterson -- *Win The Day


Blog Post: Are You Living in the Middle of the Ampersand?

Episode 48: Kaitlyn Bouchillon -- *Even If Not

Episode 64: Ronne Rock -- *One Woman Can Change the World

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