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In this episode, we talk with our guest Mike Pirog about Lando, the free and open source local development tool. Mike is the Co-Founder of Tandem, a full service digital agency in the PHP space, and the maker of Lando. Lando offers a high degree of flexibility for common setups, and it’s now fully integrated with Platform.sh.

How to use Lando

Lando is based on Docker as the underlying engine, and it’s primarily for PHP projects, but it can be used for any kind of project. As Mike defines Lando, “The general idea of Lando is I have a Git repository. And I've checked in a configuration file that tells Lando what kinds of things I need to run, develop, and test my project. And the idea is you should be able to sort of Git clone that repository down and run Lando start and end up with all the things that you need to run your project and develop your project locally on your computer.”

The two main layers of Lando

Mike explains that Lando has two main layers.

  • Docker compose wrapper — “... collapses the configuration to the most relevant things, but also sort of leaves some exposition for the Docker compose stuff. But it also allows you to do some other things like configuring proxy routes, which are essentially like nice URLs to access your services. That Docker out-of-the-box can’t do.”
  • Recipes — “Takes that Lando configuration and collapses it even further into specific development use cases, such as Drupal 8, Laravel, MEAN Stack, Joomla, and more.”

Standout Lando features

There are alternatives to Lando in the local development space, and they have their merits. But Lando has something that makes it stand out to its 11,000 monthly users. Mike believes Lando’s balance between ease of use and flexibility make the difference. “Lando’s breadth and depth is what’s allowed it to become especially popular,” says Mike. “If you want to just have a two line configuration file and have Lando manage everything, it'll do that. But if you have a complicated application that has very weird requirements, Lando can probably handle that as well.”

Try Lando with Platform.sh documentation: https://docs.lando.dev/config/platfor...
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