6Q w/Sen-Foong Lim: Prolific Game Designer and Social Justice Bard


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Sen-Foong Lim is a professor, musician, black belt and most importantly (for this show) a prolific game designer. We talk about the true power of friendship and empathy at the game table and away.

Where he wants to be found: https://senfoonglim.carrd.co/

2:49 Magic, Grades, and the Power of Friendship
The influence of Magic: the Gathering

How he gave up gaming to pursue academics

Importance of Friendship

10:53 Power of Empathy

How to make a game that can sell

How to get people to behave (in your game)

Scooby-Doo Tropes and Deconstruction

Junk Art Submissions Accepted

22:23 Sen’s Favs

24:06 Learning and Thinking

Empathy and Gaming

How he applied Game Design to other areas

Empathy and dealing with racism

33:24 Power of Mentorship

How mentorship helps

What a mentor is and isn’t

What Sen wants to teach

Tabletop Mentorship Program https://www.tabletopmentorship.org/mentorship

Dealing w/Growing Pains

44:34 Chinese Exclusion Act Repeal Day

Why play the race card? Great answer here

Power of History

Why Levar Burton loves to read

Effects of Intergenerational trauma

51:52 Three quick tips
Fail Forward
Make a Minimum Viable Project (MVP)
Save the stuff you cut off

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