DBM Episode 45: Black Women, Social Media & Building Community for Liberation


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Dear Mama,

From Rosewood, Florida to Tulsa Oklahoma Black folx have always been about the the business of building sustainable thriving communities. What if I told you we are in the midst of the same opportunity now? What if I told you we could build communities rooted in healing, creativity and liberation? What if I told you the real estate is in the palm of your hands? Yup I’m talking about the interwebs. In this episode writer, content creator, sociologist, abolitionist, womanist, and intersectional feminist Nikki Blak gives us the tools to cultivate our virtual real estate and challenges us to think about the internet, in particular social media as an infinite canvas and a rushing river. Imagine That! So if you are trying to find your footing in these internet streets, if you are trying to find your folks, if you are a creative, innovator, if you have a story to tell, a message in your gut burning with the fierce urgency of now, or you have grown weary and frustrated with the interwebs period THIS EPISODE IS FOR YOU!

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Church Announcements/Prayer Requests/Praise Reports:

  • Crystal:
    • Crystal & Thea will be speaking at Black Pod Festival (https://www.blkpodfestival.com/) hosted by Black Pod Collective goin down in ATL May 28th-29th.
    • Magic Evermore Box: https://bit.ly/magicevermore
      • The intention of this box is for Black Mamas to honor the light within themselves. The items inside the Magic Evermore box will prepare Black mamas to soak up all the energy of the sun all summer and remind them of the importance of documenting themselves, the power to manifest the life you want, and to soften and pour into yourself when your mothership hits rough waters.
      • Items inside:
        • ☀️Full Black Mama Magic Card Deck
        • ☀️Manifestation crystals
        • ☀️Incense from Smell Good Spa
        • ☀️Mama Magic: Evermore Picture Frame
        • ☀️Postcards
        • ☀️Gratitude Jar
        • ☀️Herbs: Jasmine, Eucalyptus, & Lavender
        • ☀️An investment in yourself and in Dem Black Mamas Podcast. When you invest in us, you are investing in a platform curated by three women actively creating spaces of healing, creativity & liberation.
    • Black Mama Creative Week is the last seven days of June. Thursday, June 24th - Thursday, June 30th
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​​Invest in a platform curated by 3 Black women actively cultivating spaces rooted in healing, creativity, and liberation for Black mamas. Help us continue to be #BlackMamaBuilt.

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