DBM Episode 38 Raising Transgender Children featuring Jamarah Amani & Michelle


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Dear Mama,

Come celebrate with us. Celebrate this beautiful mothering journey. Celebrate with us the powerful legacy of Black motherhood that always offers healing, is abundant in creativity, and expands liberation. We are celebrating Women’s History Month by elevating the radical work of mothers raising transgender children. In this episode guests midwife Jamarah Amani & Michelle are Black mothers building a Promise Land rooted in equity and love.

We would like to say thank you for your patience during our unexpected hiatus while I was healing from COVID.


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Mac & Cheese:

  • In this episode we talk with midwife Jamarah Amani & transgender youth advocate Michelle about what they learned about themselves & what raising transgender children taught them about liberation.

Black Mama Say:

  • Black Mamas on The Insurrection


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