[126] - Product at Gossip


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In this episode, you can hear a chat with Vitalik Demin the Chief of Product at Gossip, a voice-based social network app about how he became involved in the startup and how they are approaching all things product there. It's a great chance to hear how small start-ups get their initial product experiments and learnings done quickly, and what issues life throws at you as you try and get your product delivered to customers. Feedback: twitter - @deliveritcast email - deliveritcast@gmail.com Links: PO Coaching and Consulting - seek taiju Vitalik Demin - @VitalikGDemin on twitter - "What’s The Gossip App and Why I Love Building and Using It" Gossip App - https://thegossip.app/ First Round - Don’t Serve Burnt Pizza (And Other Lessons in Building Minimum Lovable Products) Marty Cagan - The CSPO Pathology Adam Bennett - Effective steps you can take to create a winning product strategy

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