[116] - PO Maturity with Bob Galen


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It's time for an updated look at a PO Maturity index. In this episode, Bob Galen returns to review the recent changes he made to his Agile Journey Index Maturity Model" and discuss why some of those changes happened. There's some feedback, some challenges, and some learning that we discuss along the way. Grab a sufficiently mature whisky and follow along. Maybe you and your organization can learn a thing or two about Product Ownership. Feedback: twitter - @deliveritcast email - deliveritcast@gmail.com Links: PO Coaching and Consulting - seek taiju Bob Galen - Twitter - Blog - www.rgalen.com Bob's Model - Scrum Product Ownership AJI Scotch Whisky - How do you define maturity in whisky? Jim, Kim, Bob - Organizational Agility Unleashed - Getting work done in an increasingly Complex Digital World Marty Cagan - Discovery - Judgment

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