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China paradigm is a podcast where Matthieu David-Experton interviews entrepreneurs from Asia with a focus on China on how they grew their business through a 1-hour interview. We focus on entrepreneurs who outperform their own market, what we call “alpha entrepreneurs”. Thanks to the network of entrepreneurs he has worked with as a CEO of daxue consulting, Matthieu is going in-depth into the reasons of the success or failure of those entrepreneurs. The colour given to this podcast is to talk about numbers, what those entrepreneurs have in mind and make them wake up early in the morning or staying awake all night long. This podcast is sponsored by daxue consulting which is offering the material and facilities to run the show. [More on China paradigm] China paradigm is focusing on entrepreneurs in China (both overseas and Chinese entrepreneurs). As high consumers of business podcasts, we have created China paradigm because we could not find a quality audio content on doing business in China with true testimonies and seasoned entrepreneurs. We have ranked entrepreneurs into 5 categories: Chinese entrepreneurs, overseas entrepreneurs based in China, Chinese entrepreneurs overseas, entrepreneurs with a focus on the China market and representants in China of international companies (this category of entrepreneurs could be renamed intrapreneurs).

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