Dekmantel Podcast 339 - Terrence Dixon


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Detroit and techno are inseparable. And it doesn't get much more Detroit techno than @terrencedixon. A master of minimalist sound design and globally recognised stamp of authenticity, he is one of the Motor City's most prolific artists. His brand of "forward-thinking ghetto electronics" has come on cornerstone labels like Metroplex, Tresor and Rush Hour and is never less than thrilling. His recent Reporting From Detroit album was the latest testament to that, and this week's podcast continues on that theme. It is made up of all original material recorded on the West Side of the city but starts in an ambient world of distant stars. After those scene-setting sounds come the signature Dixon drums: deep, pulsing, rubbery. They come and go as you voyage through tortured synth tension, suspensory alien life forms and mysterious electronics. It all makes for a storytelling mix that takes you through a portal and into a whole other dimension.

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