23. Getting your Trim Color Just Right


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Welcome to another episode of the Decorate Like A Design Boss podcast. Today, I’ll be talking about painting your trim, and I have a few tricks up my sleeve that will help you add a little magic to this element in your home.

If you're painting your trim, make sure to tune in until the end because I will be talking about all the options you have to get the color right!

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[00:00 - 03:15] Opening Segment

  • Welcome to today’s episode
  • Take your interior design skills to the next level, join my Interior Design Insiders Club
  • Today’s challenge: getting the trim and/or doors and moldings in your home right

[03:16 - 13:20] Getting the Trim Right

  • Assess if the trim goes with your space’s mood
    • Marry the trim to the mood
    • Call an expert when the two does not match
    • Painting a stained trim depends on the vibe you are going for
  • Things to consider to get the trim color right
    • Option 1: Paint trim a white-ish color
    • Option 2: Stained trim
    • Option 3: Paint trim with a contrasting color

[13:21 - 15:20] Closing Segment

  • Episode recap
  • Send your photos and questions, see links below
  • Final words

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“ White is in my opinion, the most difficult color to specify in the entire paint deck.” - Kimberly Grigg

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