#4: Startup Advice from Clarify Health Solutions Co-founder Todd Gottula


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What you’ll get out of this episode

For our first interview of this podcast, we couldn’t think of a more insightful and generous guest than Clarify Health Solutions Co-founder Todd Gottula. (You may have heard about Clarify’s recent $115M Series C funding to accelerate the adoption of on-demand healthcare analytics. Wouldn’t you like that kind of win for your company?)

Cohost Rebecca Gwilt has advised Clarify since their founding in 2015, and you’ll want to listen as she and Todd explore Clarify’s story and unpack the insights gleaned along the way, including:

  • What startups spend a ton of money on that is usually a waste
  • Which of the 3Ps are most important for growth
  • What key piece of advice Todd would give to a startup raising its first significant funding round
  • How important paid advisors are to the success of a startup—and when to lean on them
  • How to set pricing for your tech

And much more!


“Interview the funder...ask for specific examples of how they’ve changed the trajectory in a positive way for one of their portfolio companies” #Startup #funding advice from @ClarifyHealth Co-founder @ToddGottula on Ep4 of @DecodingHealth1 w/ @NixonGwiltLaw

“Don’t underestimate your relationship with your board because that will make or break what happens when the inevitable speed bump gets put in front of you” #startupadvice w/ @ClarifyHealth Co-founder @ToddGottula on Ep4 of @DecodingHealth1 w @NixonGwiltLaw

“Have an explicit conversation with any advisor about the expectations being commercial...does their rolodex represent your actual buyer or decisionmaker?” #startupadvice w/ @ClarifyHealth Co-founder @ToddGottula on Ep4 of @DecodingHealth1 w @NixonGwiltLaw

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