#3: Obvious Truths Our Healthcare Policy Still Doesn’t Support: Home Care and RPM


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What you’ll get out of this episode

These truths may be obvious to you as a healthcare innovator, but regulators, payors, and sometimes even consumers still lag behind for some very outdated and sometimes odd reasons.

In this first episode of an occasional series on this podcast, Carrie and Rebecca explore some of these obvious truths, why it’s hard for some people and institutions to grasp them, and what kind of changes we’re seeing on the horizon to make them as common as putting wheels on suitcases. (Can you believe we didn’t always do that?)

In today’s episode, you’ll learn about:

  • Why people prefer care at home, and what COVID-19, Amazon, and the Moving Health Home Coalition are doing to make that more of a reality
  • How remote patient monitoring (RPM) improves health outcomes—even though we make it hard for providers and patients to use it
  • What features innovators and investors should look for in healthcare solutions to build on these obvious truths


“Care at home should have been a no-brainer before the pandemic. It is absolutely a no-brainer after the pandemic.” Carrie Nixon on Ep3 of Decoding Healthcare Innovation podcast

“Innovators and investors: look for solutions that enable not just virtual care via telemedicine, but other ways to make delivery of care by clinicians available in patient homes.” Rebecca Gwilt on Ep3 of Decoding Healthcare Innovation podcast

“Some of the requirements around reimbursement currently are making it too onerous for patients and physicians to successfully implement #RPM.” Carrie Nixon on Ep3 of Decoding Healthcare Innovation podcast

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