#17: How digital health companies can recruit and retain top talent during "the Great Resignation" (with Edlitera CEO Claudia Virlanuta)


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What you’ll get out of this episode

Edlitera, a data science and machine learning company, trains engineers and analysts in Python programming, data processing, data science and machine learning topics like NLP and computer vision. On today’s episode, CEO Claudia Virlanuta shares with Rebecca:

  • What brought a Harvard Computer Science expert, ecommerce, and marketing tech veteran to this line of work
  • How training non-technical staff in data literacy and data skills supercharges innovation company-wide
  • What's one thing digital health innovators should do right now, TODAY to supercharge their success

Even if you’re not *yet* struggling to find and keep top talent in your digital health business in this time of the Great Resignation, you’ll want to understand how to invest in data training and literacy to beat out your competition for top talent.


“Our mission is not really to teach programming, ML, and data science; our mission is to make innovation skills accessible to all.” @Edlitera on @Ep17 @DecodingHealth1 w @NixonGwitlLaw https://sliceofhealthcare.com/category/decoding-healthcare-innovation/

“One wow moment people have in our intro-level classes is that this thing [in Excel] that used to take me 2 hours to do now takes me 5 minutes with a 10-line script…they get that time back.” @Edlitera on Ep17 @DecodingHealth1 w @NixonGwitlLaw https://sliceofhealthcare.com/category/decoding-healthcare-innovation/

3 takeaways for digital health businesses to manage the Great Resignation from @Edlitera on Ep17 @DecodingHealth1 w @NixonGwiltLaw https://sliceofhealthcare.com/category/decoding-healthcare-innovation/

67% of executives struggle working with data: “If this is a gap they’ve identified in themselves, this is most definitely a gap that exists in their organization because the culture is set from the top” @Edlitera on Ep17 of @DecodingHealth1 w @NixonGwiltLaw https://sliceofhealthcare.com/category/decoding-healthcare-innovation/

“How can you have a say in these things if you don’t understand what your colleagues are saying?” @Edlitera on Ep17 of @DecodingHealth1 w @NixonGwiltLaw https://sliceofhealthcare.com/category/decoding-healthcare-innovation/

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