#15: The Impact of Peripheral Healthcare Innovation with Meghan Gaffney, CEO of veda Data Solutions


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In today’s episode, co-host Carrie Nixon talks with VEDA Data Solutions co-founder and CEO Meghan Gaffney about the impact of “peripheral” healthcare innovations, those platforms and technologies which were not initially designed for healthcare.

Listen to discover:

  • How a political entrepreneur and an astrophysicist saw an opportunity for healthcare innovation
  • Why in-network and out-of-network physician coverage info is so cumbersome to find, use, and update—for all parties involved
  • What spurred the “No Surprises” Act in Congress and how it changed VEDA Data Solutions’ business
  • How COVID impacted data companies like VEDA Data
  • How Meghan embraced her Silicon Valley outsider status to attract the right opportunities and employees

If you’re wondering how your IP can be used in the healthcare sector, if you are a provider or healthcare plan leader who wants to reduce the time lag of updating in-network data, or if you’re a female founder or Silicon-Valley outsider looking for ideas on fundraising and key partnerships, then you won’t want to miss this episode!


“These amazing ideas come into the healthcare sector from a completely different industry and have a real role to play” Carrie Nixon on Ep15 of @DecodingHealth1 w/ @NixonGwiltLaw https://sliceofhealthcare.com/category/decoding-healthcare-innovation/

“a high-paced game of telephone between providers & health plans every day…it can take weeks for patients to get updated info on where to seek care.” @meghangaffney Ep15 @DecodingHealth1 @NixonGwiltLaw https://sliceofhealthcare.com/category/decoding-healthcare-innovation/

“As a country we haven’t invested enough in the infrastructure that lets data flow well and work well for patients.” @meghangaffney Ep15 @DecodingHealth1 @NixonGwiltLaw https://sliceofhealthcare.com/category/decoding-healthcare-innovation/

“Benefits to everyone down the line: patients get the info they need, providers get paid correctly and on time, and health plans are in compliance.” @megangaffney on Ep15 @DecodingHealth1 @NixonGwiltLaw https://sliceofhealthcare.com/category/decoding-healthcare-innovation/

“...the way we care for almost 400M people with quality is to reduce the administrative cost as much as we can, and we can use data to do that.” @megangaffney of @veda_data on Ep15 @DecodingHealth1 @NixonGwiltLaw https://sliceofhealthcare.com/category/decoding-healthcare-innovation/

Fundraising tips for women-led startups: “there is an advantage when the book wasn’t written for you, and that is that you don’t have to follow the rules because they weren’t made for you anyway.” @megangaffney of @veda_data on Ep15 @DecodingHealth1 @NixonGwiltLaw https://sliceofhealthcare.com/category/decoding-healthcare-innovation/

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